List Of Names Called Out In #SpeakingOut Movement


The #SpeakingOut movement brought abuse in professional wrestling to the forefront. It’s very hard to keep track of everything. We have compiled a list in an attempt to do so.

There are a lot of stories going around and new ones are still emerging. That being said, if you notice that a name is missing from this article, it is not on purpose at all. Please contact us and we’ll make sure it is updated.

There were a lot of names called out as part of the current movement to bring a change to pro wrestling. The goal is to call out people who have victimized people to create a safer space for everyone involved.

You can find a list below. Each name is linked to a source which should provide additional information concerning their individual stories.

WWE, Impact Wrestling, AEW, Progress and more companies have spoken out about these accusations. They are all being taken seriously. Dave Lagana has stepped down from his role with the NWA as well.

More names could come out and there were a ton to pour out in a very short time. Some allegations have been kept anonymous as well and could be named at a later date.

Please contact Ringside News if any name needs to be added to this list as we wish to provide a resource for others to see the strength of this movement in hopes that true change occurs.

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