Austin Theory is now the subject of a #SpeakingOut accusation. This allegation comes from a fan who was 13 years old at the time these events took place.

The female fan named Tay alleges that Austin theory added her to SnapChat and messaged her “very gross things.” She had no proof of those SnapChat messages as she said that Austin Theory made her stop saving them so their messages can remain a secret.

This young fan was apparently trying to tell her story on Instagram, but nobody was listening. Then it was shared on Twitter where the #SpeakingOut movement first took off.

Another fan tweeted out to corroborate her story: “I can personally testify to what Tay is saying as I was there for a lot of this. What happened should have never occurred.”

This young fan noted in her alleged account that “I told him I was only 13 and a really big fan trying to steer the convo away, he told me to stop saving messages and that we could have a secret.” Theory allegedly blocked the young fan once she sent out her #SpeakingOut message.

Austin Theory has yet to react to these allegations against him. This fan did not have any screenshots of the SnapChat discussions, but she did have photos of herself backstage at the wrestling event including a photo of herself with Austin Theory.

Felix Upton

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