Journalism Policies

Ownership and Funding Policies is an independent professional wrestling news and rumor website owned by Ringside News LLC, based in Florida.

Ringside News LLC primarily derives its revenue from programmatic advertising through reputable ad platforms like Google. Consequently, the Ringside News team remains unaffected by direct sales opportunities with brands or advertisers. The authors also maintain a distinct separation from the operation of the programmatic advertising aspect, ensuring their independence from significant revenue-generating activities. Since our editorial team does not participate in the ad experience, the displayed ads do not represent Ringside News’ perspectives and have no bearing on our coverage. Nonetheless, our operations team remains dedicated to upholding a rigorous standard of quality.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to educate, entertain, and captivate our audience by delivering essential information, satisfying their curiosity, and unveiling intriguing content they might not have anticipated. We are dedicated to consistently offering a comprehensive reading experience, whether it involves keeping you updated on current events or offering a refreshing break from the news cycle.

Accuracy in Reporting

We are committed to maintaining the utmost accuracy and timeliness in all our publications. If any discrepancies come to our notice, we promptly rectify and update our articles.


Even when revisiting older content, we conduct thorough reviews to ensure its relevance and accuracy, guaranteeing that our readers consistently have access to the most reliable and current news and information.

Sourcing and Quotations

We are dedicated to upholding our commitment to accuracy and place considerable effort into meticulously tracing facts and information back to their original sources whenever feasible. This includes providing links to both primary and, when necessary, secondary sources to maintain complete transparency. If we cannot substantiate a claim, we refrain from making it.

Our approach to obtaining individuals’ stories prioritizes their own words. Consequently, we strive to incorporate direct quotes from the subjects of our articles whenever it’s feasible. We take pride in presenting these quotes with fairness and precision.

Ethics Policy

Ensuring the accuracy of our articles is just one facet of our commitment. We also place a strong emphasis on considering the broader context of the world in which we all exist. Our staff places a significant emphasis on fairness in our narratives. Our aim is not solely to report events but also to provide context, ensuring that we faithfully convey the larger picture to our readers. We consistently strive to view our content from diverse perspectives, beyond our intended interpretation.

Conflicts of Interest: We are diligent in avoiding any conflicts of interest, whether they are real or perceived, in our reporting. When we receive complimentary products, exclusive interviews, or other forms of access, we transparently disclose these details in relevant articles.

Types of Content: When an article includes opinions, we make it explicitly clear. Additionally, we prominently disclose the presence of affiliate links or other sponsorships in articles to maintain transparency.

Coverage of Public Figures: In our coverage of individuals and events, we concentrate on those who are in the public eye. While we frequently report on celebrities and other public figures.

Diversity: We are committed to having a diverse team of writers and editors who represent a wide range of opinions and perspectives on the subjects we cover. Furthermore, we implement guidelines and provide training in diversity, equity, and inclusion to ensure that we celebrate all cultures and create an environment where all readers feel acknowledged, valued, and understood.

Corrections Policy

In our commitment to accuracy, we diligently review our articles for any errors or omissions. When we identify inaccuracies, we take immediate action to correct them, preventing the dissemination of misinformation. The accuracy of our content is of paramount importance, and we make every effort to ensure our articles remain up-to-date when we acknowledge any errors.

Should you come across any corrections needed for an article, we encourage you to submit them through our contact page. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us maintain the highest standards of accuracy and reliability.