Bo Dallas’s future with WWE has been shrouded in uncertainty, particularly after his portrayal of the character “Uncle Howdy” alongside his brother Bray Wyatt, which was abruptly halted due to Wyatt’s untimely passing following a medical issue in 2022.

Recently, Peacock aired the “Bray Wyatt: Becoming Immortal” documentary, shedding light on Wyatt’s career and featuring interviews with wrestling icons such as Hulk Hogan, John Cena, Becky Lynch, Triple H, and Bo Dallas himself. The documentary concluded with a cryptic teaser, hinting at a possible return for Dallas as the camera panned out from Wyatt’s lantern and a voice urged viewers to “run,” a phrase synonymous with Wyatt’s WWE persona. This teaser was followed by the silhouette of a figure, leaving fans speculating about Dallas’s future in the company.

According to reports from Fightful Select, this teaser indeed signifies Bo Dallas’s eventual return to WWE television, though specific details regarding his comeback date and storyline plans remain undisclosed.

Ringside News sought clarification from a senior member of the WWE Creative team regarding Fightful’s report on Bo Dallas’s potential return. The response confirmed Dallas’s continued contract with WWE and revealed that there were indeed pitches for his television return, though they never materialized into fruition.


“We’ve had Bo under contract for a while. It’s a possibility, but we never end up going forward with it.”

With fans eagerly awaiting Bo Dallas’s return to the limelight, speculation runs rampant about WWE’s plans for him and the role he may play in the evolving wrestling landscape. Should his return come to pass, it will undoubtedly be fascinating to witness how WWE reintegrates him into their storylines and harnesses his potential to leave a lasting impact once again.

As the wrestling world eagerly anticipates Bo Dallas’s potential comeback, the air is thick with excitement and curiosity about what awaits him on WWE television.

Do you believe Bo Dallas will somehow make his return to WWE television eventually? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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