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Complete List Of WWE Main Roster Superstar Injuries & Projected Returns

WWE has a lot of people on the shelf with an injury or illness right now. Vince McMahon spoke about this trend recentl and it’s just a part of the pro wrestling business.

We have compiled a list of WWE main roster Superstar injuries because we are often asked about their statuses. It is important to remember that recovery from injury can’t be rushed because that could only do more damage.

First off, let’s get to two injuries that WWE is talking about, but they are not what they seem to be:

John Cena is not really injured in spite of what WWE said. This was a storyline device scripted to take him out of the Royal Rumble. He has a movie to shoot up in Canada which will conclude on April 1st. It was actually supposed to be Lars Sullivan taking the 16x World Champion out of action, but those plans were changed.

Becky Lynch is not injured either. This is a work on television to bring drama to her storyline. She is actually okay, but that won’t stop the McMahons from suspending her until she “sees a doctor.”

Since that is taken care of, let’s move on to Superstars who are actually injured and when we might see them make a return.

Kevin Owens could be ready to come back any time from his double knee surgery. He was in the WWE Performance Center working out and had a match with Adam Cole that ended with a hip toss. Hopefully, KO will be able to return after WrestleMania for a fresh start.

Roman Reigns is popping up in a lot of places as he battles leukemia. We have heard no timetable for his WWE return. He is said to be taking his treatments day by day. However, that won’t stop him from pursuing a fruitful acting career in the meantime.

Written by Felix Upton

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