Tyler Breeze Wants One Thing For Christmas & It’s Heartbreaking

Tyler Breeze brought selfie sticks into the WWE and his entrance is still incredibly unique especially if they live stream his video to the big screen. He had a lot of steam behind him, but didn’t really make his mark upon his main roster call-up.

Things seemed to turn around for Breeze when he was paired up with Fandango and the two seized a great opportunity to entertain people as Breezango. Fans still want The Fashion Files back, but that won’t happen right now. Because Fandango is out of action due to a shoulder injury.

When Prince Pretty was asked what he wanted for Christmas, all Tyler could say after a reflective pause was: “I want my partner back.” That was just about the saddest thing he could have said and it was a real damper on an otherwise jolly moment full of Christmas cheer.

He’ll be back, Breeze so cheer up.

In the meantime, please enjoy this episode of The Fashion Files.