Becky Lynch Receives Another Invitation To Attend WWE RAW

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Becky Lynch is not really injured, but plenty of other WWE Superstars actually are. In the storyline, Stephanie McMahon was forced to suspend Becky Lynch last week because she wouldn’t go see a doctor. Lynch replied that she doesn’t trust any of it.

Now Lynch is getting another opportunity to appear on RAW. As we previously reported, Lynch was pulled from Monday’s house show so this move was expected.

We will have to wait and see what happens next week on RAW. The McMahons promised a New Era, but things are feeling very much like the Authority could be back in power.

As Becky Lynch’s star continues to climb and we inch closer to WrestleMania, it’s anyone’s guess what will go down. Don’t be surprised to see Charlotte Flair inserted into that Mania title match at some point though.

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