Spoiler: Lars Sullivan’s Status For Tonight’s WWE Raw

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Lars Sullivan is set for a mega push in WWE, but he recently experienced an unfortunate setback and then he went back home to Colorado.

Rajah reports that Lars Sullivan was booked to appear on Raw this week even after he suffered from what is believed to be an anxiety attack. The plan is for him to do some sort of pre-taped segment where he will start a WrestleMania feud. It is unknown whether or not they filmed a segment for tonight’s show, but it is supposed to happen

It is said that Sullivan is earmarked to have a match with John Cena. We will have to see what happens next because Vince McMahon still might not be happy about this situation. It is said that Sullivan might have screwed up too badly for things to be fixed. It is also reported that Triple H is taking a lot of the heat for this too.

It seems like this is another situation where will have to tune into Raw and see how it pans out. If Lars Sullivan doesn’t appear on Raw tonight, then it could be a telling sign that plans have changed. You can get all of the latest Lars Sullivan updates here at Ringside News.

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