Dominik Mysterio is facing an unexpected hurdle as he prepares to undergo a surgery typically associated with baseball pitchers.

During this week’s episode of Raw, Dominik was slated to team up with JD McDonagh in a tag team match against Andrade & Ricochet. However, fans were taken aback when Dominik appeared ringside with his arm immobilized in sling, prompting his withdrawal from the match. Andrade & Ricochet went on to secure victory against McDonagh & Santos Escobar in his absence.

The injury suffered by Dominik was far from scripted. According to the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter by Dave Meltzer, Dominik is slated to undergo Tommy John surgery. This procedure, commonly performed on baseball pitchers, focuses on repairing the ulnar collateral ligament in the elbow.

Meltzer reveals that Dominik’s injury occurred during a match with Andrade on April 15, characterized as a freak accident. The recovery process from Tommy John surgery typically spans at least nine months for baseball pitchers. However, given Dominik’s differing physical demands, his rehabilitation timeline may be somewhat abbreviated.


“Dominik Mysterio also had an elbow injury. It apparently happened in a 4/15 match with Andrade and was described to us as a freak accident. He will be undergoing Tommy John surgery on his elbow which for a baseball pitcher means at least nine months out. Since he doesn’t have to throw pitches hard, his recovery time would probably be a little shorter. As of right now, the plan would be to keep him as a television character while recovering. He was off the European tour and had his arm in a sling at Raw.”

Despite his impending surgery, plans are in motion to retain Dominik’s presence on television as a character throughout his recovery period. Despite being sidelined from the European tour, Dominik made an appearance on Raw with his arm in a sling.

Dominik is a pivotal member of The Judgment Day faction within WWE, alongside luminaries like Rhea Ripley, World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest, Finn Balor, and JD McDonagh. Notably, Ripley finds herself in a similar predicament, sidelined due to a shoulder injury. Consequently, she was forced to relinquish the Women’s World Championship, which is now held by Becky Lynch. Ripley’s absence from in-ring action is anticipated to last “quite a few months” as she embarks on her own road to recovery.

What are your thoughts on Dominik Mysterio’s injury and the impact it might have on his WWE career? How do you think WWE should handle his character on television during his recovery period? Join the conversation and share your opinions in the comments section below!

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