CM Punk’s return to the pro-wrestling world was bombastic, and it incited one of the biggest crowd reactions of all time. While CM Punk never really lost his charm, his early years in WWE were favorable to him as well.

Punk recounted his experiences at the 2006 WWE Survivor Series pay per view. While he teamed up with Degeneration-X and the Hardy Boyz in order to defeat the Rated RKO, Johnny Nitro, Mike Knox, and Gregory Helms, he received a massive standing ovation upon his entrance.

The AEW superstar revealed to the Philadelphia Inquirer that WWE later talked about it. They said that the standing ovation was only because of the internet fans present there.

People were mad because, ‘We don’t understand. Why’s this kid over?’ Then they’ll use the crutch of, ‘Oh, it’s just internet fans.’ Yeah, OK, 18,000 people packed the place and they’re all just internet fans but whatever. It means something to me now because it was validation. Like, ‘Yeah. My hard work is paying off. Yeah. People are seeing me and the things that I’m doing and people like me. Let’s go.


CM Punk revealed that Adam Cole’s entrance hits him on different level than all the others. Punk also criticized WWE fans for not caring about wrestling like AEW does. He’ll also fight his next match at AEW Rampage next week.

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