During Bron Breakker’s match against Cedric Alexander on WWE SmackDown, viewers were met with an unexpected screen glitch, which provided cryptic clues and messages, including one that ominously read, “Remember who you are.”

Accompanying the text were enigmatic drawings, sparking speculation and intrigue among fans about the meaning behind these mysterious hints.

Several Twitter users shared screenshots and expanded versions of the glitch, attempting to decipher its significance and unravel the mystery dubbed as the “Uncle Howdy” teaser.

While the exact implications of these clues remain uncertain, they have certainly captured the attention of WWE fans, prompting theories and discussions across social media platforms. As the storyline unfolds, viewers eagerly anticipate further revelations and developments regarding the enigmatic “Uncle Howdy” narrative.


What do you think the “Uncle Howdy” teaser could signify in the context of Bron Breakker’s storyline? How do you interpret the cryptic messages and drawings that appeared during the screen glitch? Share your theories and speculations about what these mysterious hints might foreshadow for Breakker’s character and WWE SmackDown as a whole. Join the conversation and let us know your thoughts!

Steve Carrier

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