WWE issued a new edict for their Superstars that they must end all third party business. They may continue on Twitch and Cameo, but there is a huge catch. All Superstars must give their accounts to WWE and the company will get all the profit while divvying out a percentage that will then be taken out of the Superstars’ downside guarantees. This is something that made a lot of people quite upset, but Shane Helms can see both sides of the issue.

While speaking to Wrestling Inc, Shane Helms said that the new edict sucks, and he can understand why Superstars are upset. At the same time, he also defended WWE’s decision to make this move.

Helms said that a promoter doesn’t want a heel going online and making a bunch of fans happy with personalized video messages. He considers it counterproductive to do so. WWE is also taking “all the risks” to build those Superstars who are making money off their popularity.

“It’s one of those things that kind of sucks, but at the same time, [I’m] not be surprised,” Helms said. “I’m trying to look at both sides of the issue. I see the talents going, ‘hey, this will have nothing to do with it. This is our money,’ but then I also look at the promoter side of it, the guy who’s taking all the risks to build these people. It’s money. It’s his platform. A lot of these people, their name value exists on a platform that he created.”


“If I want somebody to be a heel on my show but then on social media, all they’re doing is trying to do all this babyface stuff to attract babyface fans, which is going to be counterproductive to what I’m doing on their show. As a promotor, I can see going, ‘man, don’t these guys get it’ because I even did this when I did my Gregory Helms turn on SmackDown. My social media became heel. I didn’t want the fans then.”

Andrew Yang promised that WWE’s tactics will change as leadership changes. We’ll have to see if November 3rd’s election sees any lasting changes on how WWE handles their business. Until that happens, it appears that WWE will continue with their plan to take over all Superstar Twitch and Cameo accounts.

Felix Upton

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