Interesting Situation Involving Velveteen Dream’s Accusers & WWE’s Investigation


Velveteen Dream’s return to WWE NXT enraged a lot of fans. This had nothing to do with his wrestling ability, because there were allegations of sexual misconduct on the NXT Superstar. Triple H then stated that they found no evidence when looking into the matter.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer brought up a very interesting point about the Velveteen Dream’s current situation. There was a “first wave” of accusers who came forward about Velveteen Dream. There was even audio evidence. Then they all went away.

A new accuser named Josh Fuller came forward as part of the #SpeakingOut movement, but he said WWE never contacted him as part of any investigation. Meltzer stated that there are a few reasons why accusers would vanish like they did. There could be a lot going on underneath the surface in this situation.

“We don’t know the answer, the only one that was a little bit concerning I think just the whole nature of that and of course, there was the other guy Josh Fuller who was the guy who came out later. So you had the first group of people, and they disappeared, okay? And you know when a group of people disappear there are several different things that can happen all of which have happened in wrestling at different points in time when it comes to pay-offs to make it go away. It comes to being scared even if it’s true. It could be scared because they made it up. There’s many different explanations for people going public and then immediately disappearing.”

“Then when the next guy came forward Josh Fuller they never contacted him he said and he said that over this last week and his name’s out there. That does become concerning when you know there is someone out there so it’s like, you know there’s your answer. It still leaves a hole or a question, it leaves a question mark, I’ll just say that.”

It was noted that “Vince has been accused of worse than” what Velveteen Dream was accused of. It was previously noted that Vince McMahon likely sees this situation much differently. “He’s going to take that approach with everyone,” Meltzer said, “especially if it’s someone he likes.”

Vince McMahon’s previous experiences of being accused of misconduct in the past has apparently “led him in that direction.” Now Velveteen Dream is back on television. There is also a significant amount of heat on Dream backstage.

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Transcription by Ringside News

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