Cody Rhodes Confirms Sammy Guevara Will Return To AEW


Sammy Guevara’s name came out as part of the Speaking Out movement. This included clips of him from a 2016 podcast. He said he wanted to “rape” Sasha Banks. He also dropped an inappropriate racial “joke.” This led to his suspension from AEW.

It was announced that Sammy Guevara is suspended from AEW without pay. Once he completes sensitivity training his status with the company will be addressed.

Cody Rhodes answered back to a fan who shared a story about Sammy Guevara. This story detailed how Guevara went out of his way to help pull a young fan out of depression. You can read all about that here.

The American Nightmare replied to this fan who called to “reinsert Sammy.” Rhodes confirmed that The Spanish God will be back in AEW, and he’ll be a better man when he does return.

Sammy will return. And he will be a better professional wrestler, and a better man when he does.

Sammy Guevara released a video apology regarding the statements he made. He discussed the changes he’s gone through since that podcast. He tried “shock humor” for a while, but that obviously didn’t age well.

We’ll have to see when Sammy Guevara returns to AEW. It all depends on how quickly he can get through sensitivity training. The important part is he will be back.

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