WWE Going All Out To Keep AJ Styles Happy

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AJ Styles’ current WWE contract is set to expire in April, but WWE isn’t going to assume that re-signing The Phenomenal One is a lock. Although it is expected that AJ Styles will sign a new WWE contract, the efforts WWE is taking to make sure it happens are pretty fierce.

Rajah reports that WWE is giving AJ Styles “massive concessions on his work schedule” so he will remain in the company. This will likely include a much lighter schedule which is something he wants because he has a family at home that he misses spending time with.

Whether Styles’ new deal will include no house shows and limited television is unknown. He could arrange a Randy Orton-like contract where he does a little of both with substantial breaks in between. The fact is that WWE is doing a lot to keep as many Superstars as happy as possible.

All Elite Wrestling could give WWE Superstars another option. Cody Rhodes said he wants AEW to be an alternative to WWE and it seems like this doesn’t just apply to fans. Because people like Cody and The Young Bucks so they might want to work with them over Vince McMahon who is notorious for picking his favorites and obviously, AJ Styles is one of those guys that he doesn’t want to lose.

This is a far cry from how McMahon initially felt about AJ Styles, but time and massive pops from crowds have changed his mind about many things before.

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