AJ Styles Expected To Remain With WWE Over AEW

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AJ Styles has a chance to win the WWE Championship from Daniel Bryan at the WWE Royal Rumble event. He also has a contract running out very soon. Now we will just have to wait and see what happens when his deal is up in April.

Dave Meltzer commented on Styles’ WWE contract status during Wrestling Observer Radio where he revealed that the common expectation is AJ Styles isn’t going anywhere.

“A lot of people know his contract is up in April and it’s an incredibly fortuitous time for him to have a contract up, but having said that from people very close to the situation the strong expectation is that he’s staying with WWE even though the Young Bucks are his friends and as Executive Vice Presidents they would want him to come and everybody would want him to come, but you know and I can’t say the reasons why, but i can say that from the situation is that he is probably staying with WWE.”

If you were hoping to see AJ Styles making a surprise AEW appearance then you might not get that. Because from the looks of things he is sticking around WWE for a while longer.

You never know what can happen in pro wrestling, but it doesn’t appear that Styles is going to give up his sweet spot in WWE. This is especially true if he can use AEW’s existence to get even more out of a deal with Vince McMahon.

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