Lars Sullivan was reportedly backstage at Raw this week, but he wasn’t used. We have kept you up to date on all we know about his situation, but apparently, he might not have suffered from an anxiety attack as first reported.

There is a fine, yet distinguishable line between an anxiety attack and a panic attack. As Bryan Alvarez explained on Wrestling Observer Live, it is believed that Sullivan’s condition might not have been as bad as first thought.

“I wanna clarify one thing here. So the term ‘anxiety attack.’ I think he had a panic attack and I’m not sure, I don’t know exactly what’s going on here. I know the term anxiety attack was used. I also heard the term panic attack.”

“You know anybody can have a panic attack whether or not you have anxiety issues, does that make sense? So I don’t know if this is a mental health issue. The impression I got over the past couple of days is that this is not a mental health issue he just kinda panicked.”

It is said that WWE was very understanding about Lars Sullivan’s circumstance last week. It might have cost him a match on Monday or Tuesday last week, but hopefully, it won’t keep him out of a huge WrestleMania match that Sullivan has on the books against John Cena.

“The impression I’ve gotten is that they’re not rewriting everything and they’re done with Lars Sullivan and Lars Sullivan’s not gonna… I mean it’s Lars Sullivan everybody. It’s Vince McMahon’s WWE. He will get more chances than 95% of guys. So my guess is that at the end of the day he’s gonna debut and everything’s gonna be alright.”

Sullivan could debut on Raw tonight and find his way to the Royal Rumble and then on to WrestleMania as WWE had planned. Vince McMahon loves big men and Lars Sullivan suffered from the same pituitary gland issue that so many other giants before him did. This is why he has such a unique look and why WWE is going all the way with him.

We will keep you updated on all events dealing with Lars Sullivan and his recent situation here at Ringside News.

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