The Young Bucks have already confirmed that they will not be at the ROH/NJPW Madison Square Garden event and the thinking is they also signed exclusive deals with AEW. Therefore it’s not likely that they will be working for any company other than their own. This is especially true after a meeting with ROH and NJPW essentially left AEW on their own as well.

However, as Dave Scherer of PW Insider wisely said, things can always change in the landscape of pro wrestling.

“Down the line, maybe a deal could be put in place with New Japan but as of right now, I have not heard of any deal between the parties.”

Only time will tell what happens next, but we might know a lot more during their rally on Tuesday. 


The rally is the same one that was booked in Jacksonville extremely close to where WWE is holding their SmackDown Live tapings this week. When this subject was brought up on Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez said The Elite is saying it is a coincidence, but you could tell by the tone of Alvarez’s voice that he doesn’t believe that.

This could be a pretty important time in professional wrestling history. There is a new company being funded by The Khan Family. Tony Khan’s father Shad Khan is worth $6.4 billion. Therefore, with that kind of financial backing, they could afford to do lot with All Elite Wrestling.

The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes might not need ROH or NJPW to survive. They could have the huge startup money needed to get company off and running as well as the media connections to score a reported deal with Time Warner.

Also, never take WWE out of the picture as they have been reported to be keeping an eye on these events as well.

It was reported that All Elite Wrestling is going hard after WWE Superstars who might have their contracts coming up. A couple of popular Superstars are also said to have their eye on the new promotion.

WWE is reportedly locking talent down for reason because long-term deals would keep them from another company. It is also said that AEW is able to offer money comparable to WWE contracts.

All Elite Wrestling might be battling for the #2 spot in the North American wrestling market, but you never know how far this new promotion could go.

The new company is in their infant stages right now, but with that kind of financial backing and the ability to spend and lose money in order to grow as a company, things could be very exciting soon enough for All Elite Wrestling.

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