All Elite Wrestling Already Tops Merchandise Sales List

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All Elite Wrestling is going to be a real pro wrestling company with a roster and shows. They could have a television show on a major station and Dave Meltzer hinted on Wrestling Observer Radio that there could be house shows as well.

With a new company like this, it is important to get the word out. What better way to do this than to turn fans into walking billboards?

All Elite Wrestling is pulling it off in a big way as they dominate the ProWrestlingTees website. The Young Bucks topped last year’s totals, but their own company is giving them a run for their money right now.

AEW’s official logo t-shirt is now the top selling shirt on ProWrestlingTees. It’s a pretty big accomplishment considering all of the merchandise they have on that website.

It has to be a good sign that All Elite Wrestling is off on the right track too.

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