All Elite Wrestling Reportedly Talking To Time Warner For Television Deal

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All Elite Wrestling is going to change a lot in the pro wrestling world. They have already made a ton of headlines and The Elite only announced that the promotion is going to happen.

We previously reported via Dave Meltzer that AEW was talking to a couple of different television outlets to air their programming. Rajah reports that their source has confirmed those stations and it could be a big deal.

It is reported that AEW is using influences through the Khan Family to get right into talks with Time Warner. The thinking is to air the show on TNT or TBS.

The Elite registered “Tuesday Night Dynamite” along with a bunch of other trademarks when news first broke about an upcoming promotion. If that is the name of the show they go with then it could also obviously reveal an intended night of the week that it will air.

If All Elite Wrestling winds up on a Time Warner Network which used to be a Turner Network then this could become a very familiar situation as WWE was in before. After all, this wouldn’t be the first time WWE had competition on a Turner Chanel.

We will keep you posted as more develops in this on-going story.

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