The pro wrestling world is certainly an unpredictable one as anything could happen at any time. This includes partnerships between companies that fans never thought would ever take place in the past, and that’s been happening lately as well. There were rumors of WWE and NJPW possibly working together in the past, and now Jeff Cobb has addressed such rumors.

As previously reported, NJPW and WWE were in talks in 2021 in order to form possible partnership in the future. This move was made by WWE President Nick Khan, who was trying to make a deal with NJPW so that WWE may become the exclusive United States partner for New Japan Pro Wrestling. Of course, that did not end up happening in the end as AEW ended up partnering with NJPW instead.

While speaking to Steve Fall for Ringside News, Jeff Cobb was asked about WWE and NJPW possibly working together, especially the rumors from a couple of years ago. Cobb talked about the strategic advantage of partnering with the leading company in another market, which is WWE.

Cobb pointed out that many WWE wrestlers have previously competed in New Japan, with some even holding the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship and various other titles within the company. He noted that many successful WWE stars had significant runs and tours in New Japan, making such a partnership a natural progression.


“I mean, if you look at it from a business standpoint, why would you not want to partner up with the number one company in another market, being Japan? If WWE came over, because, you know, if you look at WWE’s roster, the majority of their guys did compete for New Japan. Some of them were IWGP World Heavyweight Champions. A lot of their roster also held not just that title but multiple other titles within our company. Many of the guys that are over there now, who are successful, have had runs and tours here in New Japan. So, I mean, it’s just a natural progression.

Jeff Cobb gave more focus on the benefits of working in NJPW, where many top wrestlers have previously competed before joining WWE. He added that if WWE were to send talent over, it should be their top-tier wrestlers, not their junior team. He made it clear he wanted to see if these top-tier wrestlers could still compete at the highest level with New Japan talent.

”Why wouldn’t we want to partner up with some of our top guys who previously wrestled before they came to WWE?’ And, you know, if they did, then that’s great. But, you know, if you’re gonna, I mean, if you’re gonna send somebody over, don’t send your JV team. Send over some varsity players and let’s see if they can still hang with us.”

WWE is currently engaged in a working relationship with TNA Wrestling and so far it’s been going quite well for WWE. Regardless, we’ll have to wait and see if WWE and NJPW will end up working together in the future.

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