The professional wrestling world is likely to change very soon, especially with rumblings of a new promotion from Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks. WWE is preparing for the future, and although it’s up in the air on whether they care about All Elite Wrestling, they still want to be prepared and have some important people locked down.
Fightful has released list of several names with expiration dates for their talent contracts. Stephanie McMahon’s deal is very interesting, but it also might be good to take a look at some of the people WWE has locked into deals for the next few years.
Kevin Owens is currently out of action after having two knee surgeries, but he’ll be back and WWE obviously plans on keeping him around. Not only could he be a tremendous help to any indie company out there, but he makes a great WWE Superstar and is currently living his dream.
It is reported that Owens’ current deal is through April 2023 after signing a five-year deal this year.

WWE has brought a lot of people in from other sports that did very well. The Rock is arguably the greatest sports entertainer to step foot inside the squared circle after coming from the football world. Mojo Rawley was hyped to arrive in the WWE Performance Center after a run in the NFL and he really made a lot of noise in NXT that caused his main roster call-up.
After being teamed up with Zack Ryder and then eventually turning on the Broski, Rawly squashed his former Hype Bro tag team partner and then kind of disappeared. Mojo is still on the RAW roster, but he is seldom seen.
Dave Meltzer once noted on Wrestling Observer Radio how Mojo Rawley has to be frustrated because he didn’t come to WWE from football so he could be a mid-card guy. It has been suggested that Mojo would benefit greatly from leaving WWE to find a bigger name for himself on the indies before possibly coming back.
It appears he’s going to remain in WWE for a while, so hopefully, they are keeping him around for a reason. Mojo’s current contract has him locked into a deal until 2020. At that time, we will just have to see what happens with him.

The Big Show is a shoo-in for the WWE Hall Of Fame. He has given over two decades of his life to the pro wrestling business and it looks like the giant is still going.
It’s interesting how Big Show seemingly left The Bar out of the blue after taking a table bump the previous week in a Thanksgiving Feast Fight. He hasn’t been moving around too well which is unfortunate because he just came back from an injury.
No matter how Big Show is used, it’s still great to have him for WWE’s purposes. He can still do appearances and charity events which could be even more of a key role for him in the future.
At this point, it is reported that Big Show’s WWE contract is up in the spring of 2021.

The Miz is the A-Lister and current reality television star on Miz & Mrs. He also started on the Real World so he is at home in that genre of television. He is at home in WWE as well as a former World Champion and host of Miz TV.
He is a very unique heel on television because some people cheer for him no matter what he’s doing. Therefore, it’s likely that The Miz will be a babyface eventually. He is working as a good guy against The New Daniel Bryan in dark matches so that could be a big hint at things to come.
It appears that WWE is not going to let him go too easily either as he recently signed another contract extension which will see him remaining in the company for much longer as well.
It is reported that The Miz’s current WWE contract is set to expire in 2022 so that gives Miz & Mrs plenty of time to form a fully developed storyline and The Miz to have plenty more programs in WWE.

WWE Tough Enough has brought us a number of Superstars that have been featured on television. It’s ironic how some of the most successful didn’t win the actual competition.
Mandy Rose first appeared on WWE television through Tough Enough and soon found herself in NXT. She worked house shows while she got the hang of it, but she didn’t appear on NXT television much at all.
It seems like WWE has some big plans for her as well, or at least they want to keep her around even longer. She does resemble Trish Stratus in a lot of ways which is something Vince McMahon has to love.
It is reported that Rose’s WWE contract will see her wrestling for the company through late 2020. Therefore she’s likely to be doing even more on television as her character continues to evolve.

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