WWE Changed Matt Riddle’s Name For A Very Interesting Reason

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Matt Riddle lost his first name in WWE. Now he is just “Riddle.” A Superstar’s first name is like an appendix where they really don’t need them, and often times they lose theirs early on.

We previously reported that Vince McMahon wants to give Riddle a serious character. This came with a name change.

It was additionally reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Riddle lost his first name because they didn’t want people Googling “Matt Riddle” and seeing a bunch of articles coming up about his alleged sexual assault and subsequent lawsuits.

The company made the decision to drop Matt Riddle’s first name, and now he’s just “Riddle.” The story was that they wanted to not have people google “Matt Riddle” and come up with the details of the lawsuit against him and WWE. The decision was made on 10/29 and Riddle said he was fine with it and even preferred it saying Riddle is his name and he’s been called it for most of his life

“Riddle” has a much different google search result. A lot more things come up from jokes to Batman villains. Perhaps WWE’s strategy will keep newer fans from discovering the allegations against Matt Riddle, allegations that he staunchly denied. In the meantime, he will continue to be Riddle, but that’s okay with him.

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