Lio Rush Encourages All African American Wrestlers To Speak Out Against Injustice


Lio Rush went on a bit of a Twitter rant yesterday and made several headlines. He called out his old beef with Finn Balor before calling out the pro wrestling world’s racial injustices. Some fans were concerned about Rush.

The former WWE Superstar is now free to work wherever he wants, but he sold his gear and announced his final match. One fan tweeted out about Lio and said that it seems like he’s in a bad place. Rush responded to let this fan know he’s never been better.

I’ve actually never been in a better place. I appreciate the concern though my man.

Rush followed this up with another tweet to encourage his fellow African American wrestlers to speak out when they see something. He wants everyone to succeed, but that’s not going to happen if they allow others to put labels on them.

From here on out, I encourage all African American professional wrestlers to start speaking up. Standing for what’s RIGHT. I want us to succeed. Don’t allow others to put labels on us as being “disrespectful, mentally challenged, angry, bitter, ect…our truth isn’t their truth.

Lio Rush has a music career as well which is getting an increased focus. Being at home during a pandemic gave him a lot of time to focus on writing and other ventures.

He seems to be good, he’s just not remaining quiet. The Man Of The Hour probably appreciates the concern, but he’s in a great place right now if you ask him.

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