NJPW and STARDOM Wrestling have announced a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and collaboration between the two promotions.

The agreement, revealed on Tuesday, outlines that STARDOM will transition into a fully owned subsidiary of NJPW, effective June 28, 2024. Both entities fall under the umbrella of Bushiroad Fight, which acquired STARDOM in 2019.

NJPW’s official website, NJPW1972.com, released statement detailing the acquisition:

“NJPW to fully acquire Bushiroad Fight During a board of directors meeting on April 22, it was decided that NJPW will fully acquire all stakes in Bushiroad Fight Co. Ltd. (hereafter referred to as ‘Bushiroad Fight,’ set to be renamed STARDOM Co. Ltd. from June 28) from parent company Bushiroad Inc. With this acquisition, Bushiroad Fight will become a fully owned subsidiary of New Japan Pro-Wrestling, effective June 28.


Goal of Acquisition: To enhance operational efficiency and streamline processes within Bushiroad’s sports unit.

Transfer of Stock Date: Friday, June 28″

Bushiroad Fight President/CEO Taro Okada expressed enthusiasm for the strengthened ties between NJPW and STARDOM, highlighting past collaborative efforts and expressing optimism for future endeavors. NJPW President/CEO Hiroshi Tanahashi echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the potential growth between the two promotions.

“Our fans have seen a lot of crossover between NJPW and STARDOM with our co-promoted event, as well as the IWGP and STRONG Women’s titles, but there is still a lot that can be done to strengthen connections between our companies behind the scenes. From arranging event schedules and building reservations to make sure fans have time to take in big matches from both companies, to improving our promotional efforts and sponsor acquisition, I’m excited at the opportunity to further both NJPW and STARDOM’s appeal to a broader audience. This acquisition will speed up decision making processes and improve our operating efficiency, freeing both companies up to further professional wrestling in the eyes and hearts of fans in Japan and worldwide. I look forward to fans’ continued support of both NJPW and STARDOM.”

The acquisition aims to accelerate decision-making processes, improve operational efficiency, and ultimately elevate the appeal of both NJPW and STARDOM to a wider audience, both domestically and internationally. Fans are encouraged to continue supporting both promotions as they embark on this new chapter of collaboration and innovation in Japanese professional wrestling.

What are your thoughts on NJPW’s acquisition of STARDOM and the transition to a fully owned subsidiary? How do you think this partnership will impact both promotions and the Japanese wrestling landscape as a whole? Share your insights and predictions in the comments below!

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