WWE television used to include something called HLA. This angle would get WWE cancelled on Twitter nowadays, but it was just sports entertainment few years ago. Taz was there and he had a lot on his mind, because he had to wake up really early the next morning.

Sable and Torrie Wilson were in a famous segment at Judgement Day that would defiantly be too hot for TV now. There was stripping and then they kissed. This was all a part of a storyline where Sable was playing mind games with Torrie. You can check it out below.

One fan tweeted out a photo of Taz surveying that “hot lesbian action” on WWE television. They wanted to know what was on his mind during that segment. As it turns out Taz wasn’t thinking about what most would assume.

My flight in the morning was going to board at 5:30am so I probably need a 4am wake up call.

Those HLA days are in the past. Taz’s days in WWE are also over with as well. It’s likely that WWE isn’t too pleased with their former Superstar announcer either after that “sloppy shop” comment.

Fans are also rallying behind female Superstars like Naomi who deserve better. Do you miss those HLA days of WWE or are you glad that women are actually getting to wreste on television? Let us know in the comments!

H Jenkins

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