WWE’s New Taping Schedule Could Open The Door For Familiar Problem

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WWE was very serious about stopping spoilers from coming out for WrestleMania 36. They had a very small crew and recorded the event on a closed set. That meant not a lot of people had eyes on the event before it aired. This is a reason why that Edge and Randy Orton “Chris Benoit” spot made the cut.

WWE is now an essential service. The company is allowed to bring in as many people as they want as long as they are needed.

Mike Johnson of PW Insider noted during a recent Elite Audio mailbag that since WWE brought back a much bigger crew for television this time around the spoilers might be more prominent.

“They were using such a smaller group of staffers. That has changed in the last week or so. There were far more people brought to RAW than in previous weeks.”

WWE brought back a lot more people for their television tapings last week. They even had the barber there for people who needed a trim. Then the company fired a ton of people later that week. Let’s see how many people continue to come back after the recent releases.

The company did announce that they will fire anyone who leaked WrestleMania spoilers. No spoilers got out about the show of shows other than general news. Let’s see if WWE can stop the spoilers from coming out when they start recording television next week.

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