WWE Threatening To Fire Employees Over Leaking WrestleMania Spoilers

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WWE filmed WrestleMania last week. It gave them a long time to edit the event, but that also provided a greater chance for spoilers. WWE wanted to make sure that they put a stop to that.

Sports Illustrated reports that WWE has made it very clear within the company that leaking spoilers is a fireable offense.

WWE wanted to make sure that results don’t get out before things air on television. The company deals with things leaking out on a weekly basis, but when they record so much content it’s a different story. WrestleMania ups the importance of keeping spoilers locked down even more.

The company was taping WrestleMania all night and reportedly ran from 11:00 AM EST to 5:00 AM EST. They were able to get the entire event recorded, but odds are we won’t be hearing much about what happened until the show airs.

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