Mood At WWE Headquarters Described As ‘Survivor’s Guilt’


WWE had to make some drastic cuts to their employee pool yesterday. A lot of on-air talents were released, but we’ll never know the names of everyone who lost their positions with the company.

Employees are mostly working from home, but the feeling is still there that the workforce has been cut in a big way.

PW Insider reports that today was a bad day at WWE HQ. The passing of Howard Finkel hit especially hard as well.

The fallout from yesterday’s cuts was also felt throughout the company. It was described as a feeling of “shock” and those who were still there had “survivor’s guilt.”

Today, they were acclimating themselves to the new normal of so much of the company being on furlough or let go. One person felt at least 40% of the company was gone today vs. yesterday and I’ve had four different people mention having some form of “survivor’s guilt” over friends and co-workers being gone while they remained. 

The live event division was “hit especially hard” as they aren’t running live events, and who know when they will? The digital area of the company also suffered “deep cuts.”

Lay-offs were across every division of the company leaving everyone knowing somebody who lost their job. It was said that those who were furloughed hope to be back by July.

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