Reason For Current Direction In Lana & Rusev Storyline

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Lana is coming off as quite a heartless heel, especially after leaving Rusev for Bobby Lashley. Now Lana is “living her best life” with another man.

Dave Meltzer commented on this angle during Wrestling Observer Radio. It goes to show that there are primarily men writing the show due to the overall theme and direction of this angle.

“See, that’s the whole deal. You’ve got guys writing this and it’s like everything I’ve said before the pretty girl is gonna screw you at the end and this is a storyline in that direction.”

WWE doesn’t have very many women writing for them. If they did then perhaps this storyline would have a bit of a different feel to it. As for right now, it just seems like Lana is taking Rusev for everything he has while leaving him to deal with it in front of millions of fans.

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