Lana Comments On Adultery Angle With Bobby Lashley

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Lana and Bobby Lashley had another surprise for Rusev this week. It ended in a promo where Lana was shirtless in bed with a man who isn’t her husband. She seems to be enjoying herself.

There was little remorse as she explained this angle during a backstage video last week. It doesn’t appear that her mind has changed much at all this time around either.

Lana tweeted out a picture of herself in bed with the All Mighty with a caption that doesn’t show that she feels sorry at all for breaking Rusev’s heart and taking all of his money.

We are living our best life @fightbobby #Raw

Let’s just see where this feud leads, but it is certainly starting to tell a very familiar story. Pro wrestling couples sometimes form as a part of televised storylines, but they can also break up in the middle of an angle just like this. Either way, Lana seems to be having fun.

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