WWE To Take “One More Swing” At Re-Signing Dean Ambrose

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Dean Ambrose has his mind set on leaving WWE after his current contract is up after WrestleMania. He will soon be on the independent wrestling scene once again likely as Jon Moxely and then AEW reportedly will be interested in bringing him in.

Vince McMahon doesn’t want to lose any of his Superstars to outside companies. This is why WWE is pushing so many Superstars out of the blue because they are unhappy. Dean Ambrose wasn’t interested in staying due to the hokey promos he is given and the idea of AEW being a factor to get more money from WWE only upset him more.

Dean Ambrose doesn’t need the money because he is in a good financial situation. He doesn’t have an expensive lifestyle, so another tactic WWE could take is offering him a much lighter schedule.

Brad Shepard noted on Oh, You Didn’t Know that WWE is going to try a different approach in re-signing the Lunatic Fringe.

“WWE is going to take one more swing at re-signing Dean Ambrose and apparently, they’re going to offer him a very sweet deal which may include limited dates. They do not want him to leave.”

Only time will tell if WWE will be able to change Dean Ambrose’s mind. He could accept their offer and stay with the company. Then again, after such a public situation, he might decide to leave the company anyway because they already stated that the door is open for his return.

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