WWE isn’t the only game in town and with AEW opening their doors and wallet it can create an even more interesting situation. Brock Lesnar could be using AEW to get even more money out of WWE next time contract talks come up, but the UFC was his bargaining chip in the past.

Dave Meltzer discussed Vince McMahon’s mindset about this on Wrestling Observer Radio. WWE doesn’t want to lose their Superstars to other companies and this is why it seems like they are giving special effort to those Superstars who are less than satisfied. It will also likely bring in even more money for Brock Lesnar’s next offer.

“Ronda was always going to lose at this year’s Mania. It can always change if they talk her into staying like with Brock. You know Brock was going to leave how many times? Then they just offer him way more money. You know, Ronda’s not as about the money as Brock. Brock is a total mercenary, you know? I think that Vince respects Brock in that way. I think now that Vince has so much money now that Brock totally gets this and has used it to his advantage.”

“The whole key on why Brock keeps getting [bigger deals from WWE] is because Vince doesn’t want to be perceived as losing his top guy to UFC. That’s the same reason why we saw the Andrade push that’s why The Revival has the tag team titles. [Vince McMahon] doesn’t want that perception you know, he wants the perception that his guys don’t leave.”

As stated above, money isn’t everything to everyone. Ronda Rousey could be an exception because her current plan is to likely leave WWE as a full-time Superstar shortly after WrestleMania 35. She won’t be going away for good because Rousey will still have two years left on her contract. However, McMahon is hoping that money and the right push will convince others to stick around.

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