WWE Locker Room Reaction To John Cena Injury

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John Cena came down with an injury seemingly out of the blue and WWE released the information yesterday before RAW kicked off. Michael Cole made one reference to Cena’s injury during a match on RAW, but other than that nobody mentioned him.

Mike Johnson noted on PW Insider Elite audio that Cena’s injury also caught the WWE locker room off guard.

“From what I understand when WWE made the announcement it very much surprised the locker room. There was no sort of talk of John being injured or even him not being there because he’s not there every week.”

“So those in the locker room were reaching out to others asking, ‘Hey did you see what they put out on Twitter?’ and the locker room was pretty surprised.”

“There was no sense last week that John was injured among the wrestlers that we’ve spoken to coming out of the main event four-way and the locker room scene coming out of RAW. There was no sense that ‘John’s injured, there’s an emergency oh my god, what are we gonna do?”‘ So whatever did or did not happen to Cena, he kept it very quiet and low-key.”

As we previously noted John Cena’s injury is kayfabe. It isn’t real and was used as a way to write him off of television. Apparently, things with Lars Sullivan have changed. Either way, Cena has already put out a statement and he’s never giving up.

Whether Cena gets a day off of from the movie he’s shooting now to come and work the Royal Rumble event is another story. This was certainly news to the locker room though because they had no idea what was going on.


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