John Cena Won’t Tell Nikki Bella Who He’s Dating

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John Cena and Nikki Bella’s breakup shook a lot of people who were under the impression that the two were a WWE couple who were going to make it work. It didn’t end that way for the two and they have since gone their separate directions, but they are still in touch.

Nikki Bella revealed to People that she still calls Cena after every date she goes on to update him. This might seem unusual for some people, but they are still close so it’s about respect. However, when asked if John Cena was doing the same to inform her when he was going out with someone, Nikki Bella was quick to admit that sharing that kind of information did not go both ways.

“No, I have a jealous bone. I’ve done very well with that I think. This is it, I know… I mean now I feel like over the years I’ve gotten a lot better. I’ve done some therapy for it.”

Nikki Bella might give John the courtesy of a phone call, but he’s not doing the same. He obviously like to keep his dating life private for various reasons. Still, you have to give Nikki credit for being able to handle their breakup so well.

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