John Cena and Nikki Bella were pretty famous already, but it seems this summer their names blew up everywhere as their 6-year romance came to an end… then they got back together… then they broke up again on television but John said he wanted to have Nikki’s babies on the Today Show and it all got to be one big convoluted mess.
But it turns out that their very public breakup, while some might have seen it as an invasion of privacy, actually went on to help their popularity status.
As you can see from these Google search result trends compared by each other, John Cena and Nikki Bella were pretty famous already, but their breakup this summer sent everyone and their mother into a tizzy. Suddenly, people who only read supermarket tabloids cared about John Cena and Nikki Bella and this data shows it.
The blue line is John Cena and the red line is Nikki Bella. They didn’t let us pick the colors, but that kind of works. Check out that spike at the same time where Nikki rose to above where Cena had been climbing toward with Cena spiking even more. Then as they taper off, John evens out to about where he was and since he’s in huge movies now that will likely keep going up and level off at higher search results because he’ll be an even bigger movie star. But Nikki’s traffic seemed to level off and remain higher than she already was. Even after it dropped slightly, later on, it was still higher than it was before.

Yes, for fun we added Brie Bella to the list as well. She’s that yellow line that looks like the kind of heartbeat you should worry about.

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