WWE is a very close family and it makes sense that sometimes people in the close of a work environment might find other people to couple up with. It also helps to have someone understand the business that you’re in as well.
Since people seem to be interested in such matters, we have compiled a list of current WWE couples. Some of them might be well-known, but others might come as a surprise.
This list is pretty current, or at least as much as we could make it. But keep in mind you never know how long a relationship will last. Therefore, don’t come at us if they break up tomorrow. We’re not jinxing anyone, but that needed to be said.
This is also a multi-page list as well for easier navigation. We really did our best to include everyone, but sometimes they keep relationships really secret. After all, believe it or not, we only know what they want us to know so if someone’s left out I’m sure we’ll hear about that too because of how magical the internet is.

Alexa Bliss & Buddy Murphy

Little Miss Bliss and the current WWE Cruiserweight Champion have been a couple for quite a while. The two have a home together, a pig named Larry Steve, and a some pooches as well. Their relationship has been featured on Total Divas during the season when Renee was on the cast.
Renee Young & Dean Ambrose
This couple lived in Las Vegas and just decided to get married. Young’s position on RAW has made it awkward a time or two because she’s supposed to play into the kayfabe of it all. That’s probably why she calls him Jon any other time she’s not on WWE television.

Triple H & Stephanie McMahon


This couple isn’t on the top of the list because this is our game, but really they need to be on the top of any list. WWE’s ultimate power couple really need no other introduction.

Nikki Cross & Killian Dane

This one might come as a shock to some, but they haven’t really kept it a huge secret. The SAnitY members have been together for quite some time. Dane even helped train Cross.

Mike Kanellis & Maria Kanellis

The Power Of Love made a baby named Freddie Moon and Maria got back into shape quickly to make it back on television. They’re currently on-screen as a couple and getting well acquainted with 205 Live.
Ricochet & Kacy Catanzaro
These two could be the most athletic couple on the list. Catanzaro is an American Ninja Warrior and Ricochet is the One And Only so they obviously know how to work out in the gym. They are another WWE Performance Center couple as well and if their careers go as expected, they could be a main event couple eventually.

Naomi & Jimmy Uso

Jimmy and Naomi’s relationship started when they met in the WWE Performance Center which is a common theme for this list. They don’t have any kids yet but Naomi did say that it is in her plans on Total Divas this season. But she’s not done letting people feel the glow just yet.
Peyton Royce & Tye Dillinger
This couple surprised some people when it was announced that they were together, but they had hinted at it for some time. Royce was seen wearing Dillinger’s t-shirt in photoshoots and Dillinger certainly commented on it as well.

Lana & Rusev

This is another WWE Performance Center couple that translated into true love. Or at least they make a great on-screen pair and are also highlighted on Total Divas which also seems to be a running theme on this list.

Candice LaRae & Johnny Gargano

These two were a couple before Candice signed with WWE. But since her signing, they were placed on-screen with each other on screen.  Candice hasn’t been involved in Gargano’s heel turn though, but they are still happily married.

Bianca Belair & Montez Ford

This NXT couple was married in June this year and it looks like Belair is getting a late wedding gift as she gets a chance to defend her streak and capture the NXT Women’s Title at NXT TakeOver: Phoenix and Montez Ford jumped over to EVOLVE alongside Angelo Dawkins to pick up their tag team titles. So we can expect big things from both of them as well.

Brie Bella & Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan married the youngest Bella Twin and the couple has a baby named Birdie Joe Danielson. This pairing is very well known as they are extremely popular and they even have a television show which features their marriage heavily.
Zack Ryder & Chelsea Greene
Ryder has been a WWE Superstar for over a decade and Chelsea Greene recently signed a deal with NXT. She’s working pretty much all of the NXT house shows and really making her mark in a big way. Hopefully, we’ll see her make an impact in NXT very soon.

Sarah Logan & Rowe

Logan and Rowe are a great couple because they are both really into Vikings. After you’re done with this list, you should check out their Instagrams to see all the awesome Viking things that they do on their days off.

The Miz & Maryse

The It Couple were married in February 2014 and now have their own WWE reality television show and Miz & Mrs will be back for a second season two. They’ve been happily married for some time and have a daughter named Monroe Sky.

Michelle McCool & Undertaker

This couple has legendary status and really needs no explanation either. They met in WWE and were married in 2010. They also had a daughter in 2012 although they keep their child away from the spotlight.

Aleister Black & Zelina Vega

This couple was recently married and surprised a lot of people. These two try to remain private about their relationship but they are another WWE Performance Center match.

Liv Morgan & Tyler Bate

Liv Morgan used to date Enzo Amore but now the rumor is that she’s got a new man. Bate and Morgan have flirted online and been seen out together. It’s been a while since these two were spotted together though, but it’s possible Morgan just isn’t updating her social media at those moments.
Mia Yim & Keith Lee
These two came into NXT at around the same time, and they are having a great time as another NXT couple. The Limitless and Yim have been seen enjoying all of Orlando’s attractions as well as showing up on each other’s social media accounts on a regular basis.

Roderick Strong & Marina Shafir
Strong and Shafir met when Roddy was still in PWG and Shafir was still in MMA with her Horsewoman. It is said they met backstage at a PWG show during the 449 days that Strong was their champion. The couple had a child named Troy Veniamin in 2015.
Cesaro & Sara Amato
This one isn’t talked about much but WWE Performance Center trainer Sara Amato and Cesaro are said to be a couple as well.
Sasha Banks & Sarath Ton
The Boss is married to the man responsible for much of what you see Superstars wearing on screen. The two were married in 2016 and Banks just casually revealed it during an interview with Lilian Garcia. At first, the couple tried to keep it low key but eventually, they’ve gotten used to being a couple in the spotlight. Even though Banks would be the first to admit that it’s great to be left alone.
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