Chris Jericho’s Reaction To Being Removed From WWE’s Website & Video Package

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Chris Jericho surprised a lot of people when he announced that he is ALL IN with All Elite Wrestling. WWE reacted promptly and removed Chris Jericho from their opening video package. They also moved him to the alumni page of their website.

As Y2J spoke about his signing with AEW on Talk Is Jericho, he revealed that he totally understood why WWE made a decision to move and remove him.

Jericho said there was a big deal made about him being moved to the alumni section on the WWE website which he understood. He has a three-year exclusive deal with AEW except for working with New Japan which he still needs to figure out. He also understood why he was taken out of the WWE opening video package.

“I get that. It doesn’t bother me at all it’s the way it should be. Once again, we can all hold our heads up high and we did things the way it should be. No ill feelings, no ill will. No talking sh*t behind each other’s back. That might happen but not on my end.”

“I love the WWE. I respect the WWE. They go through ups and downs creatively and stylistic-wise. We don’t want to beat WWE that’s not the mindset. The mindset is to provide an option, an alternative to wrestling fans. Something you haven’t seen before and haven’t seen in a while.”

It’s good to know that Jericho understand the professional wrestling business enough that he wasn’t hurt over this change from WWE. All Elite Wrestling is a rival company and WWE could essentially be promoting the competition by keeping Jericho’s image on their programming.

It’s probably a very safe bet that if/when AEW debuts on television that Chris Jericho will be heavily featured in their opening video package. So it’s probably a fair trade.

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