Braun Strowman lost his WWE Universal Title match at the Royal Rumble. There were plenty of people who would have liked to get the spot against Brock Lesnar on January 27th including EC3 in his television debut.

Vince McMahon had a big decision to make about a replacement for Strowman so he went to the ring to do it. Then, before McMahon could talk John Cena showed up.

Cena talked about all of the other people who have left WWE before including Lesnar (he brought up leaving for football) and Cena said he will not let Vince down. As Cena looked McMahon in the eyes it looked like he got a real case of the feels.

Cena said, “Give me a chance, Vince I will not let you down.” He wanted to defeat Lesnar and become a 17-time WWE Champion. Then Cena said he has something no other Superstar has: “Ruthless aggression.” This didn’t get the pop from the Memphis crowd it should have.

Drew McIntyre came out and said, “How dare you say that” and he didn’t care about Cena’s movies or his children’s book Elbow Grease available now. Drew got right in Vince McMahon’s face and said, “This is what ruthless aggression looks like.”

McIntyre said Cena’s time is up and his time is now. Then he said just like Austin, Rock, and Lesnar… Cena can then leave.

Suddenly, we got Baron Corbin coming out talking about how he could call an attorney and sue WWE for Braun Strowman threatening his life. He wanted the match against Brock Lesnar too.

Then out came Finn Balor and he got a pretty good pop. He said he’s tired of being left out of this type of conversation. He said he is the first-ever Universal Champion and then he said that Vince never believed in him, but those people do. He got a good cheer from that.

Then Balor turned on Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre laid everyone out with Claymore Kicks. Vince McMahon said he likes this so he booked a fatal four-way match that night for the #1 contender spot at the WWE Royal Rumble event.

So it was John Cena vs Finn Balor vs Baron Corbin vs Drew McIntyre and the winner would get a shot at Brock Lesnar’s Universal Title at WWE Royal Rumble.

However, that not have been the case because Jinder Mahal approached Vince McMahon backstage and convinced him that he deserved a shot against Lesnar. He got to pick his opponent and the winner would be in the big match and Jinder picked Finn Balor.

Finn Balor vs Jinder Mahal was set and the winner would get in the #1 contender’s match. That was another sudden change of plans, but Balor ended up defeating Jinder Mahal with a Coup De Gras. He took a beating the entire time and really played up the underdog deal.

The four men in the main event fatal four-way match worked well together and they traded off the spotlight so everyone could have time to showcase themselves. McIntyre looked very good the whole time and Cena took a few decent bumps in the process.

In the end, Finn Balor ended up taking a big beating, but he hit John Cena with a Coup De Gras to get the win.

Therefore, it will be Brock Lesnar vs Finn Balor at the WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view for the Universal Title. This must be the big push we’ve been hearing about.

After the match was over, John Cena put over Finn Balor big time.

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