Lars Sullivan Will Embrace Being A “Grotesque Genetic Mutation” In WWE

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Lars Sullivan is on his way to WWE and he really has a way with words. Not only has he gotten down in a bodybuilding message board a couple of years ago where he went off on a few tangents, but he is also a great Twitter follow as well.

The Freak recently sent out a big warning to whichever brand he chooses to be on when he arrives.

“I’m realizing more and more that I don’t belong in normal society. I’m a ‘grotesque genetic mutation,’ ‘freak,’ ‘disgusting monster’… I embrace it all. I’m sick. Whichever brand I choose to go on, the landscape will change immediately. You’re getting an angry freak of nature :)” Sullivan tweeted out, and yes, he did include a smiley face.

Things could get very interesting when Lars Sullivan makes his way to the main roster. He is big, he’s threatening, and he can talk on the microphone if given the chance. Let’s just see if Sullivan is WWE’s answer to their current dilemma. Either way, Lars Sullivan is going to change the landscape immediately according to him.

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