Lars Sullivan was discovered to have an account on a message board a number of years ago and it was quite active with that account. He actually had one account banned, and we here at Ringside News were able to verify that he quickly started another one.
Through those accounts, Lars shared his viewpoints and many of them were quite troubling. If you would like full run-down you can click here, but it was explained how we were able to verify these accounts really belonged to Sullivan in the piece where we first broke this story.
This subject of Lars Sullivan’s bodybuilding message board rants was made a subject on Wrestling Observer Live when Bryan Alvarez addressed WWE’s typical attitude toward this kind of situation. At this point, it seems to be a waiting game because the jury is still out as to whether WWE will act in this matter or forgive it and move on with their planned mega push for Lars Sullivan.

“Here’s the thing with this company everybody. Chyna is not in the WWE Hall Of Fame because the story they claim is somebody could put Chyna’s name in a Google and porn videos might come up, you can’t put her in the Hall Of Fame. Meanwhile Hulk Hogan not only went on a racist tirade but in the tape he said and I quote, ‘I’m a racist.’ Hogan has bee back. Hogan returned at Crown Jewel, okay.”
“Sometimes when you do something prior to your WWE career if they find out about it they don’t hire you or if they hire you and they later find out about it you could get in big trouble.”

Alvarez continued saying you have guys like Randy Orton who can have stories come out about him about backstage antics involving his crotch and its contents and The Viper’s fine.

“I don’t know where Lars Sullivan stands with WWE right now. I know that he’s been earmarked to be called up and I know that Vince McMahon just plans to go all the way, this guy’s gonna get the mega push, pal. So we’ll see.”

The point was made that maybe Sullivan told WWE about his bodybuilding message board days prior to signing with the company, but Alvarez also noted that we will probably find out how WWE feels about Sullivan on Monday “because if there is no Lars Sullivan graphic on Raw he’s probably in trouble and if there is a Lars Sullivan graphic on Raw, he’s probably not in trouble.”
So only time will tell how WWE will feel about what Lars Sullivan said on a message board a number of years ago. Things have haunted WWE Superstars in the past and caused them to lose spots. This was also never anyone’s intention when reporting this story either, but these were simply newsworthy subjects of public interest.
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