WWE’s Backstage Response To Lars Sullivan Bodybuilding Message Board Rants

Lars Sullivan is on his way to the main roster and WWE is pushing ahead with his hype full-tilt. There were some reports about comments he made in message boards in the past though and some of them were quite troubling.

Brad Shepard stated on Oh, You Didn’t Know that he asked about the Lars Sullivan message board situatoin and the response he received was that they’re just not talking about it internally. This is likely why his vignettes continued to air on television.

“Nobody said anything internally about Lars having heat for alleged posts he made years ago on a bodybuilding forum. So I just through that was interesting as well is what we saw on TV also is they’re continueing with the vignettes for Lars and his main roster debut.”

WWE might think that they really need Lars Sullivan so they’re carrying on with their plan. If I were a betting man he will start getting a lot more focus from WWE in the weeks to come.

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