Lars Sullivan is set to debut on the main roster sooner or later and there could be some interesting plans for him on a monster level. We have previously reported about all of his bodybuilding message board antics, but apparently, that’s not going to stop guy like Sullivan and WWE has to be planning something.
Bryan Alvarez spoke about Sullivan on Wrestling Observer Live while giving an example of how NXT and the developmental system isn’t meant to make money in and of itself, but the products of NXT more than makes up for it.

“So here’s the deal with this NXT deal. So NXT is a money loser, however, the way that they quantify the success of NXT is let’s say that Lars Sullivan is brought up and clearly Lars Sullivan is going to get a monster push and regardless of whether Dave reported that or not, which he did by the way. You can tell by the way by the way that they’re doing video packages on both RAW and SmackDown all of the announcers are salivating over this guy. They’re gonna do the bidding war deal, I mean he’s gonna get a giant push.”
“And in their minds, if Lars Sullivan gets called up and he runs roughshod over the next year and in 2020, for example, let’s say that he headlines WrestleMania in 2020. In their mind that more than pays for the losses of NXT. NXT developed the guy.”

That being said, Alvarez’s point could be continued by saying that they’re going to get everything they can out of NXT talent which is puzzling considering how many former NXT Champions are currently floundering. But apparently, WWE has big plans for Lars Sullivan and this monster push could see some big things in his long-term future. Because WWE needs to get their money back from NXT.
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