CM Punk’s drama in AEW hasn’t gotten any better. As fans wait for his explosive shoot interview to eventually drop, it appears that Tony Khan made the right move by firing the Second City Savior.

Eric Bischoff has seen a lot in the pro wrestling business, and he realized the threat that CM Punk presented on a corporate level. After all, the company could be found accountable for his actions.

During his 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff stated that Tony Khan might have even put Turner and their other partners in jeopardy of litigation over his CM Punk fiasco. He also made the assertion that he believes Warner Bros Discovery have equity in AEW, and that could open them up to a legal situation as well.

“The other thing that you want to consider, is you’re hearing a lot of terms, ‘unsafe work environment.’ That’s a legal term. If you’re an attorney your ears perk up if you use that in context.”


“Let’s assume that Tony didn’t fire Punk, and he suspended him instead and then brought Punk back. What if there was something, whether it involved Punk or not, that was a more serious situation took place where there was bodily injury backstage. That becomes a lawsuit in a legal situation. That is what someone can get an attorney and sue for, and let’s say Warner Bros and Discovery owns equity, and until someone comes forward and denies it, I believe I’m right.”

“At some point, Tony is not only responsible for AEW, he’s exposing Warner Discovery to litigation, because they own part of the company. If someone decides to sue, aside from the fact that the Khans have a lot of money, so does Warner Bros Discovery, and they’re gonna get entangled.”

Eric Bischoff noted that Tony Khan did the right thing by firing CM Punk. If he didn’t, and something else happened, that would open up a serious threat of a legal situation down the road.

We previously reported that Impact Wrestling is very excited about the idea of making an offer to CM Punk. We will have to see if he does anything there. There is also the possibility that he could show up in the NWA and challenge for their World Title.

Ringside News exclusively reported that CM Punk wants fans to think that WWE is an option for him, but that’s not the case. He made “desperate attempts” at WWE return a few years ago, and WWE had to tell FOX that he needed to be “controlled” on the WWE Backstage show, where he had a gig as an analyst.

CM Punk was released from AEW, and that opened up his schedule in big way. We’re unclear if there is a non-compete clause in place, so CM Punk might arrive anywhere as a big surprise. We will have to see what he does next, but Tony Khan had to make the right call in this situation, for everyone involved.

Ringside News will keep an eye on this story, and many more in the pro wrestling world. Always, leave your comments in the space below to let us know what you think!

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