CM Punk is no longer an AEW employee, as the company fired him in very public fashion. Naturally, this brought story about his possible WWE return, and that he even considered a return to the company last year, but the likelihood of that happening seems incredibly slim.

After that story about CM Punk’s possible WWE return broke, Ringside News reached out to inquire about how likely that is to happen. We were told by a tenured member of the internal team, “That’s the story Punk wants out there. At least that’s how I see it.”

We were also told that, “CM Punk did not pitch for a match with KO.” In fact, “On at least two occasions, Punk has desperately tried to get back into WWE.”

Ringside News exclusively noted that CM Punk made “desperate” attempts at a WWE return years ago, while he was an analyst on “WWE Backstage.” Obviously, that didn’t work out for him.


Ringside News also exclusively reported that CM Punk caused WWE problems on that FS1 “WWE Backstage” show. He wanted to go into business for himself and make his own angles, but that wasn’t okay with the company at all. They told Fox that Punk needed to be “controlled.”

CM Punk has brought controversy with him pretty much wherever he has traveled throughout his entire career. He might be huge draw, but that comes with a price as well.

Only time will tell if CM Punk and WWE ever reconnect in any way. You can never say never in pro wrestling, but the two sides have a lot of bridge mending that needs to be done before anything serious can be approached.

What’s your take on CM Punk making his way back to WWE? Sound off in the comments if you think that will ever happen!

H Jenkins

H Jeknins is a News Correspondent at Ringside News, keeping wrestling fans updated with timely and accurate reports on all things wrestling.

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