CM Punk’s situation with AEW didn’t get any easier as time went on. If anything, it just caused a lot of issues in the process, and it’s not over yet. AEW All Access, the company’s reality television show, also suffered.

The Second City Savior was absent from their Collision announcement, and that got the rumor mill going in big way. After all, CM Punk was set to be a focal point for their new Saturday Collision show.

CM Punk went on quite an Instagram story spree after news of his issues with AEW broke. He also uploaded an alleged email from Bryan Alvarez to CM Punk, one that mentioned Maria Kanellis in very interesting way. Alvarez then unloaded on Punk in reply.

This entire situation with CM Punk caused an issue for more than just pro wrestling fans. During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer also mentioned how Punk’s controversy also hurt AEW All Access, because they couldn’t talk about this very real issue during their reality television show.


That was the goal, the problem with All Access was because of the legal situation. You watch that, and you’re watching All Access, and I mean some of the stuff with Britt Baker we got. It’s like, okay, this happened. One of the big focal things was the Young Bucks, like why were you gone? What’s the story? Why were you considering not coming back? It’s all these things, but nothing was explained. It had an opportunity to be something, but lawyers were involved. If there were no lawyers involved, things would be different, but there are.

AEW All Access will now be a part of MAX, Warner Bros Discovery’s new version of the HBO MAX streaming platform. Only time will tell how the viewership does on that platform, but we do not see streaming numbers.

A report came out this week which said AEW actually re-hired Ace Steel “several months ago.” Of course, Ace Steel was the sticking point with CM Punk, because AEW was willing to re-hire Steel, but he wasn’t allowed in the building for their television taping events. AEW has since denied that they re-hired Ace Steel.

This is certainly a touchy subject, especially with CM Punk. Only time will tell if he finds his way back to AEW, but it doesn’t seem like they’re on great terms right now.

What’s your take on this CM Punk situation? Sound off in the comments!

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