CM Punk is making headlines once again, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise at all. That came with a few public addresses, including one where he told obsessed fans to “touch grass.” He also ruffled the feathers of one pro wrestling journalist.

CM Punk went on quite an Instagram story spree after news of his issues with AEW broke. He also uploaded an alleged email from Bryan Alvarez to CM Punk, one that mentioned Maria Kanellis in a very interesting way.

Bryan Alvarez noted this Instagram story during Wrestling Observer Live. Needless to say, Alvarez was not short in his reply to Punk.

“I didn’t get any story wrong. There wasn’t one thing that I said on the show yesterday that was wrong. I still don’t know why this guy spent, I don’t know how long on Instagram, which to me, it was almost like high art when he spent all this time on Instagram and then finished with a video where he told everyone else to go outside and touch grass.


So listen yeah, I don’t know Phil. You’re right, Phil. I don’t know you. But you know what? I do know a lot of people in AEW. I have heard from people in AEW, and I have heard from people in WBD (Warner Brothers Discovery) and they all said the same thing, ‘there’s an issue.’ I don’t know why you’re mad at me. Maybe you should talk to the people in your own company. Or maybe you should talk to the people at WBD, which is where I got all the information. I didn’t make it up. I didn’t make one thing up.

Why am I talking about CM Punk? Well, let me think about this. I do a wrestling radio show where my job is to cover wrestlers. You’re a wrestler, and you are supposed to be the centerpiece of an announcement and you weren’t. Gee, I wonder why I would be talking about this now.

You know what’s going on here, and I got sucked into it. I didn’t want to. This is the same thing that FTR was doing, and I shouldn’t even say FTR. This is the same thing that Dax was doing and that is try to create, in the minds of the wrestling fans, some imaginary beef that I have with Dax Harwood or out with CM Punk. I don’t have any beef with CM Punk or Dax.”

CM Punk’s opinion about Bryan Alvarez probably didn’t change after this retort. In all reality, CM Punk probably doesn’t listen to Alvarez’s radio show. If anything, it still gave fans some kind of response to the Second City Savior.

You can check out CM Punk’s story below, which allegedly includes that email from Bryan Alvarez.

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Felix Upton

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