Cody Rhodes is back in WWE where his career first got its national start. Cody cut an emotional promo on this week’s Monday Night Raw where he said he was setting out to fulfill his family’s legacy by winning the world title. Cody was then interrupted by none other than Seth Rollins.

Rollins didn’t attack Cody Rhodes after being defeated by The American Nightmare at WrestleMania 38. Seth didn’t even insult him. Instead, Seth Rollins shook Cody Rhodes’ hand and left the ring without incident.

Fans have been wondering about the purpose of the segment. Dave Meltzer touched on it on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. It doesn’t sound like the WWE Universe should be reading into it too much.

“It was just basically the ‘shoot’ that, ‘You’re welcome here now. Now you’re in the big leagues,’ thing, or whatever, so that’s kind of their storyline.”


The Seth Rollins handshake was WWE’s way of welcoming Cody Rhodes back to ‘the big leagues.’ Not only was it a shot at All Elite Wrestling, but it could start a respectful competition between Cody and Seth. At any rate, WWE is doing what they can to make Cody look like a big star upon his return.

After Raw went off the air, Cody defeated Kevin Owens in a dark match. Owens wrestled Stone Cold Steve Austin in a no-DQ match at WrestleMania 38. It is safe to say that Cody is being treated the way he wants to be treated by WWE thus far.

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Michael Perry

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