Zelina Vega made history today at Crown Jewel, as she was the first female wrestler to ever win the inaugural Queen’s Crown tournament in WWE. The King of the Ring tournament, which the finals were also contested today for today, has been going on since 1985 in tournament form.

It was at one time a pay-per-view event, but that went the way of bell bottom jeans, we’re afraid. Regardless, Xavier Woods won the male counterpart of the competition today, he following in the footsteps of some pretty massive legends which include Booker T, Steve Austin and Bret Hart, who is the only competitor to ever win the tournament more than once with a total of 2 times.

And speaking of King Booker, he congratulated Zelina on her victory via Twitter. She responded respectfully, which essentially breaks kayfabe, but we’ll forgive her the transgression just this once.

Zelina has worked hard for the win, she proving it with the work she put in in getting through the tournament, and the work she put in during the match vs. Doudrop. The Queen’s Crown tournament didn’t get much time during the matches on Raw and SmackDown leading to the finals though, and WWE was highly criticized over that fact.

In the end, the right woman won. She’s put quite a wee bit of time in this and is sacrificing quite a bit. Her husband, Malakai Black wrestles in AEW quite obviously, and recently he spoke about how tough it has been with their separate schedules. They seem to be making it work and they seem to be doing extremely well in their respective promotions.

Zelina was extremely happy as her Twitter account shows, and she most certainly should be.

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Domenic Marinelli

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