Chelsea Green was released from WWE back in April. As the mass releases have been happening to this month and still expected, WWE has some trademark conflicts to deal with. Usually, WWE sends out a request to stars that their stage name has to be retained by the company, according to their contract.

Green was released, and that triggered WWE’s classic move to retain her stage name. However, ‘Chelsea Green‘ is the name the former WWE superstar was born with, and that created some huge issues.

Chelsea Green took to Twitter to let fans know that WWE had been trying to take the name from her that has been her own since birth. As WWE decides to step down from this trademark battle, Green thanked Twitter on her Green With Envy podcast.

Thank God for Twitter because Twitter was the one that clued me into WWE attempting to trademark my name. When I worked for WWE and was about to re-sign a deal with them, I signed my name off to them for that period of time. That’s a very normal thing to do in wrestling, nothing out of the ordinary, of course they’re going to want my name for licensing purposes. It’s not just on TV, it’s on cards, video games, toys, merch. What was weird was the fact that, fast forward to over six months later. A reminder, I signed my deal in November 2020, fast forward to August 2021, and all of a sudden, this piece of paper I signed was being handed in as evidence for them to trademark ‘Chelsea Green.’ 


Green went on to say that she debated texting her old boss about figuring the situation out. Instead, she decided to tweet on the issue. She said that it is the tweet that saved her from losing her name.

I don’t usually send out hasty tweets, but I was extra emotional and we all make mistakes, so, I sent out a tweet. I guess that tweet did the trick because I ended up getting a call around 8 or 9 that night from WWE saying they were dropping the trademark request and that my name is all mine. It was a quick conversation, very civil, I obviously really appreciate that. I assume the tweet is what did the trick. I don’t know.

Chelsea Green has successfully transitioned to ROH and Impact Wrestling. Ever since her release, she has been blasting WWE. She revealed one instance of WWE rejecting her requests for cosmetic surgery, one by one. Green revealed back in the month that WWE has decided to drop the trademark conflict. She made the tweet immediately after getting the request.

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